Suellen Gunn

I suffered for several years with several symptoms. I had pain in my neck and back, stomach upset, brain fog, frequent bouts of pneumonia, weight gain and constant nausea. I spent a lot of time and money on a battery of tests trying to find the cause of these symptoms and being told all my results were normal.
I decided to seek help from the holistic practitioners at Naturally You. Once on a program, I began to experience true wellness! I was so amazed and happy to finally be well that I decided to get an education in Nutrition Response Testing® so I could help others, too.
I am now a certified Nutrition Response Testing practitioner with Naturally You at our Brookhaven location on Tuesday & Thursday evenings and at our Ridgeland location on Friday evenings.
We offer free workshops at both locations every Tuesday at 6:15 PM to explain how Nutrition Response Testing works. Space is limited so please call 601-790-2790 to reserve your seat. If you are a Nutrition Response Testing case, we are certain nothing else will help you as much as this program. We look forward to seeing you soon!