Penny Thrash

An avid researcher, left-brainer and teacher at her core, Thrash was her own intensive case study when first introduced to non-invasive options for addressing personal health issues. Today, she helps clients make life-transforming health choices by educating them about the natural propensity of the body to heal itself and on the mechanics of Nutrition Response Testing®.

Prior starting Nutrition Response Testing® in 2011, Thrash experienced regular migraines, irregular periods and painful menstruation, carpal tunnel, difficulty sleeping, skin rashes and severe unexplained back pain. She studied, researched, started on a program and experienced immediate results—the migraines disappeared, the female issues resolved themselves. Sharing and educating the people around her was a natural next step. Driven by her passion for others to experience health, Thrash has spent several years practicing Nutrition Response Testing® while continuing in depth, integrative training. She combines this expertise with her background in teaching so that clients are both educated and supported through their journey to healing and wellness.

Thrash completed the top level Advanced Clinical Training through Ulan Nutritional Systems. She was trained in Quantum Integration by Dr. Andre Camelli and studied Morphogenic Field Technique under Dr. Frank Springob. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Mississippi College. Thrash is endorsed by the Pastoral Medical Association.


  • Completed Top Level Advanced Clinical Training 1-9 Ulan Nutritional Systems.
  • Graduated from Mississippi College with a BS degree