Kim Townsend

I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease by my doctor in 2009. Although I went on a gluten free diet, I still suffered from ulcers in my mouth, chronic bladder infections, adult acne, itching skin, fatigue, bloating, and brain fog. In 2009 I started using Nutrition Response Testing as my basic healthcare treatment for this condition. Through the testing I could see that my body was deprived of proper nutrition needed to heal the damage the Celiac’s had destroyed. Once I started a program, I began to feel better immediately, and my healthcare issues over time resolved themselves. It helped me so much, I told everyone that would listen. I was so fascinated by this technique, and so convinced of its perfection, that I enrolled in Ulan Nutritional Systems extensive training program. With my business partner and friend, Penny Thrash, we help others discover the key to unlocking their health issues through Nutrition Response Testing. Helping people is a reward all of its own.


    • Completed Top Level Advanced Clinical Training 1-9 Ulan Nutritional Systems
    • Graduated from Delta State University with a BFA degree
    • Graduated from Hinds Community College with an AAS degree