Jordan Townsend

Long before I began Nutrition Response Testing® I was very sick. Back before I was even old enough to walk I was on multiple rounds of different strength antibiotics for constantly reoccurring ear infections, sinus infections and bronchial problems. After a 9 months of these not working, the doctors recommended tubes. A few weeks after that I got another ear infection. Fast forward to my Junior year of high school when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. This is when my eyes were opened to how much food really does effect your health. Once I removed wheat and sugar from my diet, my health took a dramatic turn. Symptoms that I thought were normal for a teenager such as constipation, brain fog, acne, and ADHD suddenly began to improve. It wasn’t until about a year later that I was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing®. This also happened to coincide with me going off to college to study, what else, nutrition. During my time in college my diet took a dramatic turn for the worse. I was eating cheap, fast, and conveniently. This sent my health back down dramatically. I soon began to gain weight, felt tired all the time, my face began to break out, and I even had a mild shingles outbreak. I knew something had to change. This is when I began a Nutrition Response Testing® program. Within a few weeks of identifying what nutrition my body was missing and removing the things in my diet that were causing the problems I saw amazing results. First my weight began to drop immediately, and with that my energy began to come back. My shingles which had been there for 3 months dried up and went away completely within 2 weeks! I was sold. But it didn’t stop there. Things I didn’t even realize were problems began to get better. My focus and mental sharpness increased. I had been plagued with constant sinus congestion and truly didn’t know what it was like to be able to breath unhindered through my nose most of my life. On this program I now wake up each morning able to breath easy, something I never thought I would be able to say. I can truly say nothing has done more for my health than Nutrition Response Testing® . It changed my life so much that I wanted to bring this to other people and that is what led me to become a practitioner myself.


  • Completed Top Level Advanced Clinical Training 1-9 Ulan Nutritional Systems
  • Graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS degree in Nutrition