Beth Messina

I am not the same person I was a year ago. You would have looked at me and thought, “She just looks tired and puffy: poor thing.” And, I would have agreed. Underneath the “tired and puffy” was a really sick person. I hit rock bottom in regards to my health….and gained over 20 pounds in one year. I was having horrific migraines to which my doctor called “daily migraines.” Intense lower back pain caused me to miss work and an instructor missing class is not a good thing. Last summer, I bought a FitBit watch and tried to walk myself to death in the the 100 degree Mississippi heat, on to GAIN more weight! My stomach caused me all kinds of problems and seemed to be in a constant state of “bloat.” I slept…I slept…and I slept some more. I managed life, but my main daily goal was to sleep.

Now, Let’s step a little further back than a year ago…to a year of illness, sadness, and stress that contributed to the speediness of my hitting “rock bottom.” After I took my mother on a wonderful 80 year birthday pilgrimage to her birthplace, we returned home to her husband of over 25 years being diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. The next week, my husband’s horse died due to the extreme summer heat. We loved him fro over 18 years and had him since he was a foal. Within the next two months, my step-father passed away from the cancer. And within a week of that, my mother was in the hospital with pneumonia. Meanwhile, my husband and I were staying sick with flu-like symptoms. We pushed through oct./Nov. staying sick and on antibiotics. I just couldn’t kick it and was on MAJOR antibiotics through December. In December, my 19-year-old nephew was killed in car accident. I continued to decline with this undiagnosed illness to which my doctor finally said, “It must be allergies” and just let me go.

In my life, I have had many surgeries as well. I now know those surgeries were the result of nutrition deficiency and organ dysfunction. This dysfunction led me to a hysterectomy (for fibroids), emergency gallbladder removal, spinal surgery to include a metal plate, and three recent foot surgeries.

By the end of the summer of 2015, I went to Kim and Penny at Naturally You. I remember looking at Kim and saying, “I am ready to get better.” As soon as she pushed on my arm, I was so intrigued. I did everything she told me to and I learned to listen to my body. My body threw fits when I tried to eat sugar…It HATES sugar and I was so addicted to sugar. Everything makes sense now because I have food sensitivities that I had never even considered. The Stuff I was eating was literally killing me. For ten years, I had been asking my doctor if my thyroid was a problem. (My gut told me I had thyroid issues) He would run the typical blood tests and tell me I was fine. Guess what??? I have thyroid issues.

Ten months and 40lbs later, I am a completely different person. I no longer take any prescriptions, my back pain is under control and I no longer feel the need to be comatose during the day. I don’t have migraines anymore and if I do – I know what cause them. It was mainly the fungus and mold in my former workplace. I firmly believe that if I had stayed the course of being sooooo sick, it would have resulted in a serious chronic illness. Kim, Penny, and Nutrition Response Testing changed my life so much that I made a career change and am now a practitioner at Naturally You!


  • Completed Top Level Advanced Clinical Training 1-9 Ulan Nutritional Systems
  • Completed Hinds Community College with an AAS Degree